Hello and welcome to the Buttermere class page! 

Welcome to Buttermere’s class page

This year in reception our class teacher is Mr Fasham and our teaching assistant is Miss Hodgson.

We have an engaging and interactive indoor and outdoor continuous provision in our Early Years unit where children can develop their skills through, playing and exploring, active learning, creating and thinking critically through the 7 areas of learning and development.

We are always very busy learning and having fun in reception, this is how our day looks:

8.40am We open the door and children are welcomed into school by a member of the Early Years team
8.45am We work on our morning task, this changes throughout the year and could be practising writing our sounds of numbers
8.55am We register the children to see who is in school that day
9.00am This is when do our daily phonics where we learn our sounds and blending to read
9.45am During this time we are able to choose in the continuous provision areas and take part in adult led activities
10.30am We go outside for our playtime on the school yard and play park
10.45am This is when we sit down to enjoy our chosen snack which is usually a piece of fruit or vegetable and a cup of milk which is provided by the school
11.00am We do our maths work and have choosing time in the provision
12.00pm This is when we go to the dinner hall and have our lunch. Children can either have a hot dinner provided by the school,l which is free for reception age, or bring their own packed lunch. When the children have finished their dinner they go outside to play
1.00pm When we come back into class we do the register for the afternoon and we brush our teeth to promote good oral hygiene. Every child has their own toothbrush and toothpaste provided by Smile4Life
1.10pm We spend more time in our indoor and outdoor continuous provision areas and join in with adult led activities throughout the afternoon
3.00pm Every day we like to enjoy story time as a class before we go home
3.15pm This is when the children go home after a very busy day of learning!



We use an online learning journal in reception called Tapestry to celebrate children’s learning and development. This builds a special record of the children’s experiences, development and learning journey and this is shard with parents. We do this by adding photos, videos and diary entries.



Smile 4 Life

We are a Smile4Life school. This means that we work with children and families to lay solid foundations for good oral health throughout life. Smile4Life provide each child in reception with a toothbrush and toothpaste to use in school and also a set to take home with them.