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Year 5 Weekly English

Talk for Writing Home-school booklets

Talk for Writing have produced a series of Home-school booklets, filled with creative activities.

The Year 5 Home-school booklet includes:

A series of activities based around the book (and subsequent films), 'Jumanji'.

You will read a story following the same plot, making predictions about what might happen next.

There are sentence challenges;

A reading response activity;

A comprehension section;

Grammar and sentence work;

A clear planning framework to support your writing of your own version of the story

and finally 'Make your own mini-book instructions'!

The Year 4 Home-school booklet contains a series of activities based upon 'The King of the Fishes', which is a wishing tale:

Listen to and read the story, then respond;

Look at word definitions and practise using them in sentences;

A 'read and understand' section;

Spelling practice and grammar;

Using a story frame to plot and write your own story

and finally, make your own 'mini-book'!