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Spoken Language Targets

I talk confidently and fluently in a range of situations, using formal and Standard English, if necessary.
I ask questions to develop ideas and take account of others’ views.
I explain ideas and opinions giving reasons and evidence. 
I take an active part in discussions and can take on different roles.
I listen to, and consider the opinions of, others in discussions.
I make contributions to discussions, evaluating others’ ideas and responding to them.
I can sustain and argue a point of view in a debate, using the formal language of persuasion. 
I can express possibilities using hypothetical and speculative language.
I engage listeners through choosing appropriate vocabulary and register that is matched to the context.
I can perform my own compositions, using appropriate intonation, volume and expression so that literal and implied meaning is clear.
I can perform poems and plays from memory, making deliberate choices about how to convey ideas about characters, contexts and atmosphere.