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Pick & Mix Week 9 - 15.06.2020

Preparing to Celebrate Fathers Day


Get creative for someone special.

Who would you like to thank and show your appreciation to this Fathers Day?

Why not create a card or get crafty to give to someone this Sunday!


Design Your Dream House 


Imagine you could live anywhere.....

Where would it be?

You have an unlimited budget.

What would you do?

How would it look?

What features would you include?


Can you draw and design what your dream house would look like?

We would love to see any you create so please email them to us.

We could then share them in school!


Awareness Days


Did you know that we celebrate lots of different awareness day both nationally and internationally.

Check out this website for more details: 


On Friday 19th June 2020 it is Wallace & Gromits Wrong Trouser Day


Could you wear the wrong trousers to support this cause and raise awareness?