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Pick & Mix Week 5 11.05.20

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale 1

Tuesday 12th May is Florence Nightingales birthday. It is also International Nurses Day honouring her role in modern nursing. You could do some research on Florence to see how much of an impact she made. You could design a poster for nurses and send it to the hospital.

Local and Community History Month

This month in Local and Community History Month. Have a look at the slideshow above, do you recognise any of the photos from Carlisle? Do you know what they look like now?

Phunky Foods

Phunky Foods 1

Phunky Foods is focusing on breakfasts this week. Have a look at the document below. It has nutritional facts about breakfast, a recipe, exercises and mindfulness. You don't need a printer for this. 

International Families Day

International Families Day 1

May 15th is International Families Day. To celebrate you could draw a family tree with your family in it. Every family is unique and we should celebrate them! It might also be interesting to talk with your family about members you have never met like great grandparents.