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Pick and Mix Week 7 01.06.20

Do some bird-watching


Look out into your garden for 10 minutes each day and write down the birds you see. Will you see the same ones each day?


You could also visit the RSPB Birdsong pages and listen to the songs of the birds who visit your garden. You might want to create a sketchbook of drawings too, copying from the images on the website:


You can also watch live webcams on Springwatch:


Play Countdown with your Name


See how many words you can create from your name.

Can you get more than four?

How many can you make from Newtown Community Primary School?!

Have a Paper Aeroplane Competition


Have a go at designing a paper aeroplane. How far can you throw it? Can you improve the design and make it go further?

Try this Youtube link for many different design options. Have fun!