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Pick and Mix Week 3 27.04.20

Space Day

Space Day 1

1st May 2020 is Space Day.

Using the resources below you can learn more about space. One of the files shows all of the planets in the solar system. Using this you could draw the planets and their names in order. There is also a Space Quiz. You could do this on your own or you could get your family to join in with you and challenge each other!

Self Portrait

Self Portrait 1

Using a mirror or a picture of yourself using a phone or camera try drawing a self portrait of yourself. Use the link below for a step by step guide. If you don't want to draw a self portrait of yourself you could do a portrait of someone else.

Picture 1

Try speaking Spanish for the day using some translations below!

Good Morning - Buenos Dias

How are you? - Como estas?

Mum - Mama

Dad - Papa

Please - Por favor

Thank you - Gracias

My name is - Me llamo 


Do you know any other Spanish? Could you find some more translations?

Look at the link below for a clip about home life in Spain. 

Picture 1

Have some fun and have a go at this movie quiz. How many can you get right? The answers are in the document below.