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Physical Education Targets

A Year 5 Sports Person
I can gain possession by working a team.
I can pass in different ways.
I can use forehand and backhand with a racket.
I can field.
I can choose a tactic for defending and attacking.
I can use a number of techniques to pass, dribble and shoot.
I can make complex extended sequences. 
I can combine action, balance and shape.
I can perform consistently to different audiences.
I can compose my own dances in a creative way.
I can perform to an accompaniment. 
My dance shows clarity, fluency, accuracy and consistency.
I cam controlled when taking off and landing.
I can throw with accuracy.
I can combine running and jumping.
Outdoor and adventurous 
I can follow a map in an unknown location.
I can use clues and a compass to navigate a route.
I can change my route to overcome a problem.
I can use new information to change my route.