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In addition to your regular logins to Maths-Whizz and Times Tables Rock Stars, please note that there are 4 options available for Weekly Home Learning.


The listed daily activities from Hamilton Trust that appear may be used if the format and content appeal; alternatively you might choose to access the White Rose lessons, which is the scheme we follow in school. Please note that the school is now able to provide supporting worksheets, which will be added to this page.


BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons are a 3rd option or finally, you might also explore the Oak Academy online classroom. A link appears on this page to maths by topic. Daily maths lessons can found on the home page, alongside other subjects. Please explore each scheme and choose the option that works best for you.


Furthermore, we highly recommend that you follow the link 'Maths Learning Resources'. This will take you to the series of Powerpoint presentations that we looked at in class recently and also in my Monday afternoon group.

The presentations provide clear and easy to follow revision of all topics and include exercises to check understanding, which you should complete on a whiteboard or in your workbook before clicking on the answer. You may decide to use these as your main focus for learning instead of the daily lessons, or to alternate between the two.

As we approach the end of the summer term, it is great to see that several more of you are keeping up with Maths-Whizz but we would still like to see an increase in the amount of time many of you are spending on this - we need to make sure that you are on track and making good progress. In order to learn the most and achieve progressions, you should be spending most of your time in Tutor Mode. We should be aiming for you to complete 60 minutes a week - try to break this into completing three 20-minute slots across seven days.