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12 weeks of Home Learning completed and only 2 weeks of the summer term remaining!


There is English and Maths available for each day of the week. Please remember to access Maths Whizz and Times Table Rock Stars too. We are encouraged to see more of you logging on to Maths Whizz each week - remember though that unless you are working in Tutor Mode, time spent will not show on your record - we are checking each week! In order to learn the most and achieve progressions, you should be spending most of your time in Tutor Mode. Well done to those of you who have made an effort to include it in your weekly learning.

If you have forgotten or lost your usernames and passwords just email us and we can send them to you. 

Missing you all! smiley

Home Learning

Mrs Taylor and Miss Hodgson have worked together to create this home learning page for you all. We have found useful resources for a wide range of subjects to keep you busy during school closure but don't feel overwhelmed by all of the resources - we have added lots to make sure you can easily access them and have a choice. Different resources are being created during this challenging time so please keep coming back and checking as we add more for you. We want home learning to be as fun and stress free as possible!


As the Lions class is made up of both Year 5 and Year 6 children, it is important to remember that there is the option for you to switch between year groups for certain subjects / activities. If you find that you are struggling with the Year 6 work, look at the activities set in the Year 5 section. Equally, Year 5 should feel free to explore activities in the Year 6 folders should they wish to. You are free to choose either link. Furthermore, if you find the Year 5 one still a bit too challenging, look at the Tigers' Year 4 page. Please do not worry if you are in Year 6 and accessing a lesson from Year 4 or Year 5. It is very important that you learn at your own pace and as long as you are being challenged, don't worry about the label.


If you feel that you are unable to access any of the work set, at any level, please email us (see below).


Rather than setting a timetable you could have a to-do list each day? It is helpful to stick to a routine but it can also be difficult. So please work around what is best for you and your household.


A healthy balance of learning, fun, exercise, breaks and screen time will set you up well for when you return to school. Remember to get some fresh air outside while following the government guidelines.


We are missing you all but hope you are having fun during home learning and looking after yourselves and your family.


If you have any questions about home learning or would like to send us photos of what you have been up to, or examples of work you have done please email. and


Take care,

Mrs Taylor & Miss Hodgson

Year 5/6 Lions Team


NHS Competition Entries (now closed)

NHS Competition Entries (now closed) 1
NHS Competition Entries (now closed) 2
NHS Competition Entries (now closed) 3
NHS Competition Entries (now closed) 4

Lions winning entry announced!

Lions winning entry announced! 1 1st prize awarded to Charlie

Lions Competition Entries

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