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KS2 Christmas Performance - Aladdin Trouble!

The children in KS2 have been working extremely hard on Aladdin Trouble for our performance this year! There have been lots of acting rehearsals, singing practise, props being created and costumes being made. This hasn't all happened during lesson time either! Children have been dedicated by practising songs at break/lunch time, at home and after school during club. It has been hard work but also lots of fun. The performance links with a lot of the National Curriculum such as speaking & listening and DT.

Well done to the children for their amazing performance, all their hard work and dedication has definitely shown. As always, we wouldn't have this performance without the help from parents and carers at home. Whether is has been practising lines, singing songs (repeatedly!) or help with finding costumes we really appreciate that extra support. 

A special thank you to Miss Armstrong, Mrs Wardle, Mrs Lee, Miss Banks and Miss Hodgson for supporting the evening performance on 12.12.2019. Also thank you to Hayley and Kelly from the FONs who kindly volunteered to serve tea and coffee to our parents.