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Great news, I am now able to offer FareShare to you all! I will be doing FareShare every Wednesday, you just need to text me direct to let me know if you'd like a bag. This is free of charge and will be delivered to your door between 1-3pm. I am so pleased I am finally able to offer this to parents again and most importantly at a safe distance. 


The OpShop on Stonegarth in Morton are offering food from Fareshare. It is usually available from 1pm on a Wednesday and they charge £5 a bag. This could be used as your daily exercise. 


Also the Carlisle Foodbank are offering home deliveries of food parcels if you need one. Please send me a text with your name, date of birth, any pets and I will order one for you. 


Get in touch: 07395888269



Thank you! 
A massive thank you to McColls in Raffles and Calder foods for supporting our community in these challenging times. 

Mrs Lund runs FareShare every Wednesday afternoon along with volunteers in 'The Nest'.


The food provided comes from the food industry that cannot be sold for reasons such as over-production, labelling errors or short shelf life. It is good quality food which would otherwise go to waste!


Each week is different at FareShare. We have had a variety of food over the weeks such as: fruit, vegetables, bread, pasta, yoghurts.