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Welcome to our Family Learning Mentors page

Mrs Donna Lund 


My Role

I work closely with children, parents and staff to create and maintain positive relationships throughout the community. Education is a partnership between school and home with the child being at the centre.


As part of the Safeguarding Team I work closely with external agencies, children and families. If I am ever unable to answer a question or help I have access to a range of external agencies I can make contact with.


Attendance is a big priority on my list! I do everything I can to get children to attend school and be punctual. Attendance throughout the school has improved since I started at Newtown.


During school I work with children during difficult times whether this be one-to-one or in small groups. I have created a nurture space called 'The Bug Snug'. This is where children can come to feel relaxed and happy.


I work to encourage parental involvement in the school including coffee mornings, chocolate bingo and FareShare. This gives families more opportunities to be involved in their child's school life and to meet and engage with other families.


I am available for informal chats when the school gates open at 8.45am on the playground. I am also available for chats organised by appointment in school or home visits if needed. 


Get in touch!


Work Mobile: 07395888269

School Office: 01228 409650


Update from Mrs Lund during school closure



FareShare continues to be a great success! Thanks to local businesses who are also supporting the scheme.


The Carlisle foodbank are also providing many of our families with food parcels.

Please see the link below for families who have children who are under the age of 4 or pregnant, it is another way to support you in these times.

Please give me a ring or a text if you require anymore support and I will do my best to help.


Please continue to look at other areas of support on the links below.

Give me a ring or a text if you need to speak to me.  07395888269. 


Donna Lund


Stay Safe smiley

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