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Welcome to Lions’ Class


Welcome to the Lions’ webpage! We are a fabulous class of Years 5 & 6 children, with Mrs Taylor as our Class Teacher and Mrs Wardle as our Higher Level Teaching Assistant. We have a bright, spacious classroom, which opens onto our playground and we are all looking forward to the year ahead.

Our Curriculum

Our work in English is centred around an in-depth study of the classic novel ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Within each unit covered this term, we will focus upon exploring characters and structure through drama, storytelling, writing and analysis of the text. Skills will be developed in comprehension, composition, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Mathematics this term will further develop understanding and skills in place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication & division, fractions, decimals and geometry.

We have prepared a booklet detailing the end of year expectations for children in Year 5 and in Year 6 in mathematics and English for your information. This will provide you with a thorough overview of the topics your child will be covering across the year. It includes the Word Lists that ‘children in Years 5 & 6’ are expected to be able to spell by the end of the year. We do of course appreciate that all children work at different levels and that some may not yet have mastered the Year 3 & 4 Word List (which can also be provided) but practising these key words on a regular basis is highly recommended. Please let us know if you were not able to collect a booklet at our Induction meeting earlier this year.

Our Science topics are Properties of Materials and Light, whilst in History, our focus is upon Victorian Britain and the Industrial Revolution. Later in the term, this will be replaced by Geography, in which we will complete a study of Europe and North and South America in a map working skills unit.

French has now replaced our previous language Spanish and we are learning about the customs, history and culture of France and countries and communities where French is spoken together with a fun introduction to the language itself.

Full details of the Lions’ curriculum can be found on our Curriculum Overview here (link).


We do quiet reading every day and read with a member of staff as many times as possible throughout the week. We encourage children in the Lions’ class to read for pleasure. We expect them to read out of school at least 3 times a week. Additional reading is rewarded with Dojos – 1 for 4 reads, 2 for 5 reads etc. These are awarded via stickers which the children add to a Reward Chart in the classroom when reading records are collected weekly.

We ask families, where possible, to take some time during the week to listen to their child read, to read to them and to sign their yellow reading records. Comments on their reading will be read by teaching staff and are appreciated.

Children’s reading is assessed by a programme we use called Accelerated Reader. This programme gives the children a ZPD level which they have written in the front of their reading records. This is the same ZPD level used at Carlisle Library.

Spellings and Times Tables

Spelling tests take place every Friday. We have 5 spelling groups of different levels and weekly spellings are placed in their spelling books, which are taken home every day and should be practised regularly using the ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ method. Prizes are awarded for those achieving full marks in their tests!

Times tables are tested on a Monday and children have a copy of the times tables from 1-12x in their homework folders.


Handwriting practice will take place weekly in school. Children will be expected to write in a neat, cursive style, with regular letter heights and ascenders and descenders clearly defined. They will be taught correct joining of letters and from time to time, extra handwriting practice may be sent home. Pen licences will be awarded for consistently neat handwriting!


The children have been given a homework diary, which they are taking home each day. Any homework set will be recorded in here and a copy of the timetable has also been attached for your information. Please feel free to use this book for any communication – we understand that it is not always convenient to come into school and we will read any notes sent in this way.

Maths Whizz and Times Table Rock Stars are also part of the home learning for pupils. We expect them to complete 60 minutes on Maths-Whizz per week, in 3 x 20 minute sessions. Every child in the Lions class has a login for both. Awards for achievements on Maths Whizz and TTRS are celebrated every Friday during our school or class celebration assembly. We regularly check how much work has been done by individuals, and progress made is rewarded. We do however appreciate that not all families have internet access available and will endeavour to offer opportunities during the school day for those children. If at any time you lose your login please let a member of staff know or email


Parents, in addition to using the homework diary as a means of communication, please feel free to catch either of us at drop off or pick up times with any queries. Equally, we can both be emailed, our addresses are on the Lions page of the website.

Should you wish to have a longer chat about anything to do with your child’s education, or any concerns you may have, we can make an appointment to do so at a mutually convenient time.


Key Websites


Further Useful Links:



  • Cumbria Libraries – Free online eBooks, magazines, newspapers, audiobooks and reference titles
  • Love Reading4Kids – Find your next reading book! Browse books by age, genre or recommendations.
  • World Book Day – World Book Day is a useful website to browse for activities all year round.




What follows is a series of subject-based links for those who are keen to extend their learning beyond the classroom! These sites vary in content from facts and information, to quizzes fun activities and games – feel free to explore!



  • ExploreLive cams of nature all around the world
  • Primary Homework HelpScience page covering all Science topics – includes games to support learning








Identify the position and significance of latitude, longitude, the equator, Northern & Southern hemispheres, the Tropics of Cancer & Capricorn, the Arctic & Antarctic Circle and time zones, including day and night.

Antarctica – Teachers in the Freezer Film Clip

A group of British teachers embark on a four-week expedition to Antarctica and demonstrate how humans are able to live on the South Pole. Designed for use in KS1/2 geography and science lessons, the programme begins with an explanation of where Antarctica is, what the climate is like and what it takes to live there. The teachers then show what clothes people should wear in Antarctica, how they should travel and what food they should eat in order to survive such cold conditions. They also explore a science project that tests what effect the cold has on their bodies.


Art & Design

  • BBC Bitesize Art & DesignCovers all aspects of art and design, including artists, designers and art history – inspirational!



Use the series of BBC clips to learn new vocabulary and practise your punctuation following our lessons in school.

  • BBC Bitesize French –
  • BBC Teach French – Clips including Premier League footballers teaching French greetings!

  • The School Run – France – Full of facts and numerous fun and creative activities –

Lions News

Year 5/6 Spring Overview 2021



Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday. Please make sure you come to school in your PE kit on these days.

Lions Curriculum Coverage Autumn Term

This term the Lions, Year 5 and 6 will be working on some fantastic topics! Please see the Curriculum Planner below for more details.      

Welcome Back

We are looking forward to re-opening fully to all students in September.