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Writing Targets



I can identify known phonemes in unfamiliar words.


I can use syllables to divide words when spelling.


I use what I know about alternative phonemes to narrow down possibilities for accurate spelling.


I can use the spelling rule for adding ‘s’ or ‘es’ for verbs in the 3rd person singular. 


I can name all the letters of the alphabet in order.


I can use letter names to show alternative spellings of the same phoneme.



I can sit correctly at a table, holding a pencil comfortably and correctly.


I can form lower case letters in the correct direction, starting and finishing in the right place.


I can form capital letters and digits 0-9.



I can compose a sentence orally before writing it.


I can sequence sentences in chronological order to recount an event or experience.


I can re-read what I have written to check that it makes sense.


I leave spaces between words.


I know how the prefix ‘un’ can be added to words to change meaning.


I can use the suffixes ‘s’, ‘es’, ‘ed’, and ‘ing’ within my writing. 


Grammar and punctuation

Sentence structure

I can combine words to make a sentence.


I can join two sentences using ‘and’.


Text structure

I can sequence sentences to form a narrative.



I can separate words using finger spaces.


I can use capital letters to start a sentence.


I can use a full stop to end a sentence.


I can use a question mark.


I can use an exclamation mark.


I can use capital letters for names.


I can use ‘I’.