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Writing Targets

I can spell words with additional prefixes and suffixes and understand how to add them to root words.
I recognise and spell homophones.
I can use the first two or three letters of a word to check its spelling in a dictionary.
I can spell words which are in a family correctly.
I can spell the commonly mis-spelt words from the Y3/4 word list.
I can identify the root in longer words.
I use the diagonal and horizontal strokes that are needed to join letters.
I understand which letters should be left unjoined.
I can discuss models of writing, noting its structure, grammatical features and use of vocabulary.
I can compose sentences using a wider range of structures.
I can write a narrative with a clear structure, setting, characters and plot.
I can produce non-narrative writing using simple organisational devices such as headings and sub-headings.
I can suggest improvements to my own writing and that of others.
I can make improvements to grammar, vocabulary and punctuation.
I use a range of sentences with more than one clause by using a range of conjunctions.
I use the perfect form of verbs to mark the relationship of time and cause.
I can proof-read to check for errors in spelling and punctuation.
Grammar and punctuation
Sentence structure
I can express time, place and cause by using conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions.
Text structure
I am starting to use paragraphs.
I can use headings and sub headings.
I can use the present perfect form of verbs instead of the simple past.
I can use inverted commas to punctuate direct speech.