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Spoken Language Targets

I ask questions to clarify or develop my understanding.

I can sequence, develop and communicate ideas in an organised and logical way, always using complete sentences.

I show that I understand the main point and the details in a discussion.

I adapt what I am saying to the needs of the listener or audience (increasingly).

I show that I know that language choices vary in different contexts.

I can present to an audience using appropriate intonation; controlling the tone and volume so that the meaning is clear.

I can justify an answer by giving evidence.

I use Standard English when it is required.

I can perform poems or plays from memory, conveying ideas about characters and situations by adapting expression and tone.

Exceeding Year 4 Expectations

I can prepare and deliver a talk to the class on an aspect of learning in science, history or geography.

I can present a strong argument in a formal debate on an issue, using the language and procedures of debating.

I can propose and discuss possible explanations and questions (e.g.  re phenomena in science, history or geography) as a basis for planning an investigation with roles, activities and resources.

I can develop a group presentation that reports recent learning to the class, with vocabulary and grammar appropriate to the subject.

I can listen to a debate with an open mind, recall the main arguments and decide, for clear reasons, which one was most convincing.

I can comment on the language used in the arguments presented in a debate.

I can take roles to argue opposing views on an issue, and then discuss ways of dealing constructively with disagreement.

I can reflect on and evaluate my dramatic presentations and those of  others.

I can explain the advantages and disadvantages of the formal rules of debating.

I show a good understanding of what has been said and can introduce new ideas that are valid.