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Safe Computing Targets

Knowledge and understanding
I understand the need for rules to keep me safe when exchanging learning and ideas online. 
I recognise that information on the internet may not be accurate or reliable and may be used for bias, manipulation or persuasion.
I understand that the internet contains fact, fiction and opinion and begin to distinguish between them.
I use strategies to verify information, e.g. cross-checking.
I understand the need for caution when using an internet search for images and what to do if I find an unsuitable image.
I understand that copyright exists on most digital images, video and recorded music.
I understand the need to keep personal information and passwords private.
I understand that if I make personal information available online it may be seen and used by others.
I know how to respond if asked for personal information or feel unsafe about content of a message.
I recognise that cyber bullying is unacceptable and will be sanctioned in line with the school’s policy.
I know how to report an incident of cyber bullying.
I know the difference between online communication tools used in school and those used at home.
I understand the need to develop an alias for some public online use.
I understand that the outcome of internet searches at home may be different than at school.
I follow the school’s safer internet rules.
I recognise the difference between the work of others which has been copied (plagiarism) and re-structuring and re-presenting materials in ways which are unique and new.
I can identify when emails should not be opened and when an attachment may not be safe.
I can explain and demonstrate how to use email safely.