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Reading Targets

Word Reading

I can match all 40+ graphemes to their phonemes.


I can blend sounds in unfamiliar words.


I can divide words into syllables.


I can read compound words.


I can read words with contractions and understand that the apostrophe represents the missing letters.


I can read phonetically decodable words.


I can read words that end with ‘s, -ing, -ed, -est


I can read words which start with un-.


I can add –ing, -ed and –er to verbs. (Where no change is needed to the root word)


I can read words of more than one syllable that contain taught GPCs.




I can say what I like and do not like about a text.


I can link what I have heard or read to my own experiences.


I can retell key stories orally using narrative language.


I can talk about the main characters within a well known story.


I can learn some poems and rhymes by heart.


I can use what I already know to understand texts.


I can check that my reading makes sense and go back to correct myself when it doesn’t.


I can draw inferences from the text and/or the illustrations. (Beginning)


I can make predictions about the events in the text.


I can explain what I think a text is about.