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Reading Targets

Word Reading
I can apply my knowledge of root words, prefixes and suffixes to read aloud and to understand the meaning of unfamiliar words.
I can read further exception words, noting the unusual correspondences between spelling and sound.
I attempt pronunciation of unfamiliar words drawing on prior knowledge of similar looking words.

I know which books to select for specific purposes, especially in relation to science, geography and history learning.
I can use a dictionary to check the meaning of unfamiliar words.
I can discuss and record words and phrases that writers use to engage and impact on the reader.
I can identify some of the literary conventions in different texts.
I can identify the (simple) themes in texts.
I can prepare poems to read aloud and to perform, showing understanding through intonation, tone, volume and action.
I can explain the meaning of words in context.
I can ask relevant questions to improve my understanding of a text.
I can infer meanings and begin to justify them with evidence from the text.
I can predict what might happen from details stated and from the information I have deduced.
I can identify where a writer has used precise word choices for effect to impact on the reader.
I can identify some text type organisational features, for example, narrative, explanation and persuasion.
I can retrieve information from non-fiction texts.
I can build on others’ ideas and opinions about a text in discussion.