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Reading Targets

Word Reading
I can decode automatically and fluently.
I can blend sounds in words that contain the graphemes we
have learnt.
I can recognise and read alternative sounds for graphemes.
I can read accurately words of two or more syllables that
contain the same GPCs.
I can read words with common suffixes.
I can read common exception words.
I can read and comment on unusual correspondence
between grapheme and phoneme.
I read most words quickly and accurately when I have read
them before without sounding out and blending.
I can read most suitable books accurately, showing fluency
and confidence.
I can talk about and give an opinion on a range of texts.
I can discuss the sequence of events in books and how they
relate to each other.
I use prior knowledge, including context and vocabulary, to
understand texts.
I can retell stories, including fairy stories and traditional
I can read for meaning and check that the text makes
sense. I go back and re-read when it does not make sense.
I can find recurring language in stories and poems.
I can talk about my favourite words and phrases in stories
and poems.
I can recite some poems by heart, with appropriate
I can answer and ask questions about the text.
I can make predictions based on what I have read.
I can draw (simple) inferences from illustrations, events,
characters’ actions and speech.