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Physical Education Targets

A Year 3 Sports Person


I can throw and catch with control.

I am aware of space and use it to support team-mates and to cause problems for the opposition.

I know and use rules fairly.


I can adapt sequences to suit different types of apparatus and criteria.

I can explain how strength and suppleness affect performance.

I can compare and contrast gymnastic sequences.


I can improvise freely and translate ideas from a stimulus into movement.

I can share and create phrases with a partner and small group.

I can repeat, remember and perform phrases.


I can run at fast, medium and slow speeds; changing speed and direction.

I can take part in a relay, remembering when to run and what to do.

Outdoor and adventurous

I can follow a map in a familiar context.

I can use clues to follow a route.

I can follow a route safely.