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Physical Education Targets

A Year 4 Sports Person
I can catch with one hand.
I can throw and catch accurately.
I can hit a ball accurately with control.
I can keep possession of the ball.
I can vary tactics and adapt skills depending on what is happening in a game.
I can work in a controlled way.
I can include change of speed and direction.
I can include a range of shapes.
I can work with a partner to create, repeat and improve a sequence with at least three phases.
I can take the lead when working with a partner or group.
I can use dance to communicate an idea.
I can run over a long distance.
I can sprint over a short distance.
I can throw in different ways.
I can hit a target.
I can jump in different ways.
Outdoor and adventurous 
I can follow a map in a (more demanding) familiar context.
I can follow a route within a time limit.